Extractors of the MD series are distinguished, among other things, by a very low noise level, a large filter surface with consequent long operating time and highly effective filter cleaning that does not require a compressed air connection. Power consumption varies with the number of open slides, without the need for a frequency converter, thus saving costs. These extractors may only be installed outdoors.

Advantages MD-450

  • Guaranteed no exposure to excessive wood dust and noise
  • Saving on electricity consumption
  • Increasing comfort in the workplace
  • Meeting the requirements of governments and insurers
  • Low noise level
  • A large filter surface, thus ensuring long operating time
  • Effective filter cleaning (no compressed air connection required)
  • Residual dust content <0.1 mg/m³
  • 2-year warranty
  • Quick start, so ideal for joining machines
  • Type B

  • Type RV

  • TYPE P

  • Type C

Type B

In type B, waste is collected in plastic bags placed in sheet metal bins.


12000 m³/h


12.6 kW

Rotary valve RLS-099

0.37 kW

Pressure at inlet

2300 Pa

Inlet diameter

450 mm

Filter area

88 m²

Filter material

Polyester needle felt, BGIA-prüft

Filter class

M/H3 (<0.1 mg/m³)

Filter regeneration

Electric (automatic, discontinuous)

Bin volume

875 litres

Noise level

69 dB(A)


3 P 400V/50Hz, N, PE


25,5 [A]


1350 kg

Return duct connection

600 x 600 mm (position by agreement)

Dimensions (L x W x H), max.

3750 x 1370 x 4270 mm

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