The DM-250 is an extraction unit mostly used in smaller wood workshops, working with standard machines (with a maximum of two extraction nozzles per machine). The unit meets the current safety requirements for indoor installation and can therefore stand in the workshop. The DM-250 can also be used with CNC-controlled machines, provided its connection diameter does not exceed 250 mm.

Advantages DM-250

  • Increased suction power
  • Low noise level
  • Compact dimensions
  • Monitoring lower volume limit
  • Newest generation of filters
  • Very high fan efficiency
  • Additional negative pressure
  • Residual dust content <0.1 mg/m³
  • 2-year warranty
  • Certified according to NEN-EN 16770
  • Type B

  • Type RV

  • TYPE P

Type B

In type B, waste is collected in plastic bags placed in sheet metal bins.

Maximum air flow

5000 m³/h


5.5 kW

Rotary valve 0.37 kW


Nominal volume flow at 20 m/s

3534 m³/h

Pressure at inlet

2300 Pa

Inlet diameter

250 mm

Filter area

25,4 m²

Filter regeneration

Automatic (mechanical or pneumatic)

Residual content

<0.1 mg/m³

Bin volume

480 litres

Noise level

70 dB(A)


3 P 400V/50Hz, N, PE


10,5 [A]


850 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH), max.

3475 x 970 x 2584 mm

*Account for service space of 1 metre around the machine

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